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God’s Word Alone

Matthew Barrett is the editor of the “5 Solas Series.”  He writes this one on Sola Scriptura (Scripture alone).  The others are on grace, faith, Christ, and glory to God alone.  Barrett traces the Scriptures as our only final (and therefore inerrant) authority to the Reformation and then brings that doctrine home for today.  Of […]

Stained With Blood

The subtitle of this book is, “A one-hundred year history of the English Bible.”  It is an excellent book and accomplishes that goal in a helpful and scholarly way.  Nordstrom praises the King James Version for being “the greatest Bible ever written” (p. 165) but also “It means we live in a translation era and […]

The Savior and the Scriptures

Here is a good read from a generation ago on the inspiration and infallibility of Scripture and the battles that have been fought over the last 100 years.  Lightner wrote this in 1966 and updated it in 1978.  At the time he was professor of Systematic Theology at Dallas Seminary as well as an outspoken […]

Trial by Fire, The Struggle to Get the B...

The Rawlings Foundation, Wellington, FL, 2011. This book is very readable while giving the reader an in-depth look at the development of the English Bible, particularly focusing on its history from Wycliffe to the translation of the KJV. Some of the intriguing information included is the influence the creation of the English Bible had on […]

Booklets Worth Reading

Vital Issues of the Year By RBP, Various Authors Regular Baptist Press published this booklet in 1973. It was for the purpose of keeping the GARBC churches informed of various issues at the time. They include: evangelism and missions, the ecumenical movement, the charismatic movement, alcohol, drugs, the sexual revolution, race relations, divorce, the occult, […]

Taking God At His Word

I’ve always appreciated Kevin DeYoung’s style of writing and his solid defense of the Word of God. The sub-title to this book is “Why the Bible is knowable, necessary, and enough, and what that means for you and me.” DeYoung gives the answer to this statement in eight chapters, followed by an appendix: “Thirty of […]

The Truth About The King James Version C...

This 35-page booklet was written in 1981 by a long-time professor at Bob Jones University. BJU has long stood for the historical and biblical view of Bible translation. Custer fills this little volume with nuggets such as: Plato’s dialogues are preserved to us in only one manuscript, in contrast to the New Testament which is […]

The King James Version Debate

I read this book for the first time (and a few times since, including now) the year it was published (1979) because, as a young Greek teacher, I was embroiled in this controversy. The KJV Only position escalated in the 70s but was never the fundamentalist position, especially of the movement in which I grew […]

History of the Bible in English

F.F. Bruce is usually a good source especially for history of the Bible and Bible history.  In this book, first published in 1961, the edition I have in 1978, you will find a good detailed history of the English Bible leading up to the King James Version, and a few after that.  It is an […]