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GPS – Walking as Mere Men

The apostle Paul described the Corinthian believers as those who were “behaving like mere men” (1 Cor. 3:3).  We have been thinking about the Christian walk and the word “behaving” is the normal word for “walking” (peripateo means “to walk around”_.  How was it that they walked as “mere” men?  We are told that they […]

Song of Songs for Singles

Tim and Angela Little (Tim is professor of Hebrew and Old Testament at Faith Baptist Theological Seminary in Ankeny, IA) add a new and refreshing view of this difficult Old Testament book of wisdom literature. It is a passage by passage commentary on the book, but it also is a message to singles and married […]

The Disciple-Making Parent

Chap Bettis wrote this book in 2016. He is the executive director of the Disciple-Making Parent, his own ministry that grew out of this book and other writings. The book has 28 short chapters (280 pages of text) devoted to raising godly children. I found the book helpful, especially in the later chapters on prayer, […]

Recovering Biblical Manhood and Womanhoo...

This large book (560 pages of text), edited by John Piper and Wayne Grudem, was the result of the 1988 Council on Biblical Manhood and Womanhood. That council also produced the Danvers Statement as their conclusion which is an appendix in this book. This Council made the word “complementarity” popular as a description of what […]