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The Disappearance of God

R. Albert Mohler, Jr. wrote this book in 2009. Mohler does his usual thorough job of researching and applying his topic. The book is directed toward the issues of the day which (at that time at least) include postmodernism, emerging church, open theism, and the effects of church discipline being on the demise. It is […]

Known by God

Brian Rosner is principal of Ridley College in Melbourne, Australia. This is a 2017 book focusing on one’s identity in God and Christ. A lot of interesting thoughts. His main thesis is that it is more important to be known by God than to know God. He is the One Who keeps our relationship in […]

The Making of an Atheist

James Spiegel is professor of philosophy and religion at Taylor University. This is a 2010 book on atheism from a philosophic and scriptural point of view. Spiegel brings together all of the valid arguments for God including Alvin Plantinga’s (to whom he dedicated this book) argument of sensus divinitatus, or a “sense of the divine,” […]

Hitler and the Nazi Darwinian Worldview

This is a 2012, 2014 book by Jerry Bergman with the subtitle: “How the Nazi eugenic crusade for a superior race caused the greatest holocaust in world history.” Bergman tackles an ongoing issue of how much Hitler and his leaders believed Darwin’s survival of the fittest to the degree that they actually, and practically, pursued […]

Nineteen Eighty Four

It was only in 1949 that Eric Authur Blair (better known as George Orwell) wrote his most famous book, Nineteen Eighty Four (now printed simply as 1984). Blair died in 1950. I hadn’t opened this book since High School English class but with the current culture in America I was interested again. It did not […]

The Gathering Storm

Albert Mohler serves the church well in writing both an update of current cultural trends and also a warning for the church to be aware and ready for battles to come in the future. This is a 2020 book, written prior to the selection of democratic candidtes, but includes an interesting chapter on each of […]

White Guilt

Shelby Steele wrote this book in 2006 as a research fellow at the Hoover Institution and Stanford University. Steele is now an advocate, as a black man, for conservative black values. He was a participant in the 60s push for equal rights but today sees the BLM movement as counterproductive and contrary to what the […]

Right Thinking in a World Gone Wrong

This 2009 book is done by MacArthur and other staff at Grace Community Church.  I found it to be very helpful in a number of different areas that affect the local church.  It is divided into four sections:  Entertainment and Leisure; Morality and Ethics; Politics and Activism; and Tragedy and Suffering.  I thought it was […]

Why We’re Not Emergent

This is a 2008 book on the emergent church by DeYoung and Ted Kluck.  DeYoung is the primary writer and Kluck adds chapters from his personal experience.  Even if you just read DeYoung’s chapters this is a book worth having.  Among explaining various faults with the emerging church (anti-foundationalism, anti-modernism, anti-traditionalism) he says, “The biggest irony […]

Theologies of the 21st Century

This is an update (2014) on Smith’s earlier edition, A Handbook on Contemporary Theology, published in 1992.  These are helpful summaries of various contemporary theological movements and trends.  The new version repeats some of the earlier ones with updated material, yet has new additions such as a history of theology from the Enlightenment, theologies of the […]