Philosophy Statement

Biblical. Aletheia Baptist Ministries believes that the Bible is our sole authority for faith and practice.  It is inspired and infallible and therefore must be followed specifically and to the best of our ability.  We believe that we will be judged only by Jesus Christ at His Bema Seat for the things that He has told us in His Word.  Believers of Jesus Christ are stewards of the Word of God.

Fundamental Baptist.  ABM considers itself to be a Baptist ministry which can be identified with the historical label, fundamental.  We believe that denominational names still have a great advantage in ministry over nondescript names and that a conservative approach to ministry is more honoring to God than a contemporary approach.  We identify ourselves with Baptists who are within this mindset.

Local Church.  We believe that the local church is God’s honored institution to carry out His mandates for this dispensation of grace.  Therefore our focus is on winning souls to Christ and establishing local churches.  It is through one’s local church that the believer can carry out the great commission, grow in grace, and practice the ordinances which our Lord commanded us to practice.

Gospel Outreach.  ABM supports not only the local church first, but also those fundamental, conservative agencies that promote the church, the gospel, and a conservative approach to ministry such as Christian schools, Bible colleges and seminaries, mission boards, publishing companies, and other ministries that help but do not compete with the local church.

Our Mission Statement.  Aletheia Baptist Ministries exists for the purpose of propagating the gospel of Jesus Christ specifically by planting and/or supporting local independent Baptist churches that are fundamental and conservative in their philosophy.  Our strategy in accomplishing this mission is to plant new churches in our ministry area.  Our tactics are to investigate locations within a broad radius of Kansas City, operating a Bible Institute, maintaining an informative web site, publishing materials, searching out like-minded men, and raising funds necessary to this ministry.

[Many of the issues mentioned in this statement have received a fuller treatment in various articles which can be found on this website]