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Family Driven Faith

This is another book which promotes the Family Integrated Church Movement (FICM).  Baucham is a national speaker for this movement.  There are many good things in this book and it would not be alarming if it only spoke of being better parents and families, and churches paying more attention to the family.  But it goes […]

A Weed In The Church

This book is a definition and defense of the Family Integrated Church Movement (FICM) and specifically an impassioned cry to eliminate all programs from the church which divide families for teaching times, including nursery, Junior Church, Sunday School, and especially youth classes.  Brown says, “The proposition of this book is that the philosophy and practice […]


This is an enjoyable and easy to use discussion book for couples.  It covers five topics in eight chapters and includes questions and answers for each section (communication, conflict, forgiveness, sexual intimacy, and money matters).  

Shepherding a Child’s Heart

I always have my eye out for really good Christian living books, and my interests these days include Marriage, Family, Music, Children, and Youth since I deal with those things on a daily and weekly basis.  Wow! It’s tough finding any practical, conservative, biblical how-to reading!  However, Tedd Tripp has thankfully filled some of the […]

The Home Beautiful

I have been reading this 1912 Zondervan book after I heard of it while reading another book about church history.  This book was once the standard Bible study for the home and family.  Miller writes like a Tozer or a Blamires but directs those insightful thoughts toward the members of the family.  I think many […]

Our Daily Reading

Special Note: Debra Conley is a regular contributor to Aletheia as the creator of “The Little Corner” (Now called “From the Catbird Seat”).  Mrs. Conley is a veteran English and Literature teacher in the Atlanta area. She has published several articles in magazines and journals and works as a proof-reader for text-book publishers. In addition, […]

The Four Loves

I read this beautiful book by C.S. Lewis while teaching on love last month. The book was originally published in 1960 and was republished in 1988. There is an audio version of this series that is, I understand, the only recording of C.S. Lewis. Lewis calls storge ‘‘affection’’ and defines it as the normal love […]