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The Generational Family

“Today we call the family the “nuclear family” because it is the family in the modern era.  The fact is, the nuclear family is the same as the biblical family with father and mother, sons and daughters, grandfathers and grandmothers.  The family is the first divine institution, begun by God in the garden of Eden and no other earthly institution has priority over it.  It will remain until the end of the age and those who build their homes upon the principles that God has given will be blessed.”

A one year (52-week) Children’s Baptist Catechism is included as an Appendix. The purpose of the catechism is to teach the basic truths of God’s Word in the understanding of child-like faith. 

Dear Grandchild,

a collection of letters

“Wouldn’t you like to speak to your loved ones in the future? Dear Grandchild is a collection of letters written by the author to his future grandchildren. Of course, they have not yet been born, so it is a one-way conversation. Written over a ten-year period, Grandfather (as the author sees himself) constantly probes and gently instructs coming generations to continue in the manners and morals of their ancestors.”

Dear Grandfather,

a collection of letters

“Wouldn’t you like to speak to your grandfather or grandmother even though they have been in heaven for a long time? Dear Grandfather is a collection of letters written by the author who is now a grandfather himself. He recalls his grandfather’s wisdom and relates the culture of the 21st century which his grandfather never saw, and probably wouldn’t have believed if he had seen it. Though grandfathers are no longer with us, their wisdom and loving care speak to us across the years.

These letters who the unique effect that grandparents have on our lives, while also relating to children and grandchildren the importance of these family relationships. Through these letters the reader will be take back a hundred years, then forward again to today, probing the questions and history that connect the generations.”

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A Children’s Catechism

52 Questions Teaching Salvation to Young Children

“The purpose of this children’s catechism is to teach the basic truths of God’s Word in the understanding of child-like faith. Simply completing this exercise does not mean a child is saved, but it prepares him with the understanding needed for salvation. It is best used as a lesson and memory work each week. Some may be able and ready to work faster. The verses used serve as a basis for further Bible study.”


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