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Right Thinking in a World Gone Wrong

This 2009 book is done by MacArthur and other staff at Grace Community Church.  I found it to be very helpful in a number of different areas that affect the local church.  It is divided into four sections:  Entertainment and Leisure; Morality and Ethics; Politics and Activism; and Tragedy and Suffering.  I thought it was […]

David Bebbington

“That view has normally been sustained down through the centuries, with ultimate responsibility for decisions resting not with pastors or deacons but with the committed church members as a whole.  The churchmanship of the Baptists was not unique, for it was upheld as fully by Independents, but it was an unusual position in Christendom, arising […]

J.M. Frost

“If you are not a Christian, you should not be in the church, but if you are, then you will not stay out of the church nor stay away from the church.  Contentment out of church connection is inconsistent with the grace of God in the heart, and will surely discredit all your professions, however […]

Rolland McCune

“It is assumed in the New Testament that a member of the body of Christ is also a member of a local church.  An unbaptized, unaffiliated Christian is unknown in the New Testament.” Rolland McCune, Systematic Theology, vol. III, p. 200.

Gene Edward Veith, Jr.

“Modern-day Christians often prefer to meet with people just like themselves in informal settings, disdaining the institutional Church.  This can be a dangerous mistake.  The best safeguard against elitism, which is a sure mark of worldliness, is intense involvement in the local church.” Gene Edward Veith, Jr., Loving God with all Your Mind, p106.