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The Creedal Imperative

I profited greatly from reading this book, and usually any book by Trueman, even though I am not in the same denomination or “confessional” tradition as he. Trueman is Professor of Church History at Westminster Theological Seminary, and also a minister in the Orthodox Presbyterian Church. He describes himself as a “confessional” Presbyterian and dedicated […]

Charles G. Finney and the Spirit of Amer...

This biography was written almost twenty years ago but it has remained the standard biography of this oft-discussed, and oft-maligned, nineteenth-century revivalist. Finney is known for his revivals and his revival theology, his systematic theology, and his socially progressive anti-slavery work at Oberlin College. Whether you want to hear about Finney’s famous conversion story, his […]

Marijuana and the Christian

The culture in America is changing quickly, and not necessarily for the good. Christians generally agree that issues such as abortion, pornography, or same-sex marriages are immoral, unbiblical, and harmful to society at large. Not all agree about substance abuse in areas such as alcohol, tobacco, and drugs like marijuana. Churches have long had to […]

The Small Church in Today’s Culture

This isn’t an easy time for small churches.  In today’s culture, small often means inadequate, unsuccessful, non-visionary, and unexciting.  By today’s cultural standards those descriptions may be right.  Our culture sees bigness and excitement as marks of success.  By God’s standards, however, any size church may be successful or unsuccessful and may seem boring or […]

Victorian Nonconformity

This is a 2011 update of a 1992 book.  I read this edition on Kindle.  I always enjoy Bebbington on Baptist and Church history.  This book explains the reasons for “chapels” in England to be “nonconformist” (or “Dissenters”) during the late nineteenth century, the “Victorian” era.  Besides the obvious doctrinal reasons for independent churches to […]

A Systematic Theology of Biblical Christ...

I finally finished Dr. McCune’s final volume of his theology.  This volume covers Salvation, the Church, and Last Things.  The great thing about reading McCune in any subject is his unwavering adherence to a fundamental, dispensational, pretribulational and premillennial point of view.  That combination is almost unheard of these days.  Dr. McCune carries a heavy […]

Payson’s Sermons

I was given this older book by a friend who is always looking for good used books.  This book was compiled by Mrs. Payson after her husband’s death.  Payson was a Congregational pastor and educator in Portland, Maine.  This book is rare because it was published in 1828, the first date any of his writings […]

Rediscovering the Church Fathers

I first read this book several years ago on several consecutive Saturday mornings with some friends as we all attempted to learn a little more about a long passed over aspect of our church history. Reading this book again highlighted a few things that make this book worth reading. For one, knowing more about the […]

Wrongly Dividing The Word of Truth

Ironside wrote this book with its unique title in 1935 (the same year he preached the funeral of Billy Sunday at the Moody Memorial Church in Chicago which he pastored from 1930 to 1948.   Some have thought that the title indicates a rebuttal of dispensationalism when in fact it is a rebuttal of ultradispensationalism and […]