Author: Mohler, R. Albert Jr.
Tags: Christian Living / Cross / Discipleship, Culture / Worldview

Rick Shrader‘s Review:

R. Albert Mohler, Jr. wrote this book in 2009. Mohler does his usual thorough job of researching and applying his topic. The book is directed toward the issues of the day which (at that time at least) include postmodernism, emerging church, open theism, and the effects of church discipline being on the demise. It is interesting to read about issues from more than a decade past which almost seem slight compared to their later fulfillment today. But that is the importance of this book. The church did not take these issues seriously back then and we are paying the price today. Two of the later chapters in this book are: “The Closing of the Postmodern Mind,” and “The Commission of a Post-Compliant Church.” Mohler writes, “One of the central realities of this darkness is the dawning of a post-Christian culture–and a central reality of our emerging culture is the closing of the postmodern mind. Something is happening to the worldview, the mentality, and the consciousness of the age. If we listen closely, we can hear something like the closing of a steel door–a solemn, cataclysmic slamming of a door. We have been watching the postmodern mind in its development, and it is now well developed” (p. 166). As I write this review in 2022, the postmodern mind is more than developed, it has become the culture, and it is more insidious than we imagined.

Quotes from this book:

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