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The Disappearance of God

R. Albert Mohler, Jr. wrote this book in 2009. Mohler does his usual thorough job of researching and applying his topic. The book is directed toward the issues of the day which (at that time at least) include postmodernism, emerging church, open theism, and the effects of church discipline being on the demise. It is […]

The Gathering Storm

Albert Mohler serves the church well in writing both an update of current cultural trends and also a warning for the church to be aware and ready for battles to come in the future. This is a 2020 book, written prior to the selection of democratic candidtes, but includes an interesting chapter on each of […]

He is Not Silent

This is a timely book on preaching by Dr. Mohler. I greatly enjoyed it, keeping it close by on my Kindle and going to it in my spare minutes. Mohler takes the reader through the homiletics of preaching but insists that “the only form of authentic preaching is expository preaching.” By this he means that […]

The Spectrum of Evangelicalism

This new and interesting volume in the Counterpoints series includes a section on Fundamentalism by Kevin Bauder, past president and current research professor at Central Seminary in Minneapolis.  It is not often that a real fundamentalist is asked to participate in this kind of format.  Kevin, my personal friend and past classmate, does not disappoint […]