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Breaking the DaVinci Code

After reading and reviewing (see our web site) The DaVinci Code by Dan Brown, I have been reading various reviews and many refutations of the book.  As I noted in the review, this book (The DaVinci Code) is riddled with historical errors and a preconceived agenda which makes it ripe for the rewriting of history […]

Studying the Historical Jesus

I found Bock’s book to be a good review of inter-testament history and the reliability of the Gospel record.  Bock is professor in New Testament at Dallas Seminary and has recently become known for his Progressive Dispensationalism (which shows through in only a couple places).  Bock is rightly critical of the Jesus Seminar and of […]

Dispensationalism, Israel and the Church

This 1992 book is written by Blaising and Bock (both professors at Dallas Seminary) and nine other contributors, mostly from historically dispensational seminaries. The arguments are generally that Jesus is sitting on David’s throne now in heaven so that the kingdom has, in a way, begun; Israel and the Church share equally in the New […]