Author: Bock, Darrell L.
Genre: Theology - Christology
Tags: Doctrine / Theology

Rick Shrader‘s Review:

I found Bock’s book to be a good review of inter-testament history and the reliability of the Gospel record.  Bock is professor in New Testament at Dallas Seminary and has recently become known for his Progressive Dispensationalism (which shows through in only a couple places).  Bock is rightly critical of the Jesus Seminar and of rationalistic approaches to the history of the New Testament.  He does place himself in the third quest for the historical Jesus (149) but as a “conservative.”  He writes of the Gospel of Thomas, “Since the 1980s much attention has been given to other sources for Jesus’ life and ministry, such as The Gospel of Thomas.  These works do have a role to play in the study of Jesus, but their role has been exaggerated in many popular circles.” (21)

Quotes from this book:

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