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Studying the Historical Jesus

I found Bock’s book to be a good review of inter-testament history and the reliability of the Gospel record.  Bock is professor in New Testament at Dallas Seminary and has recently become known for his Progressive Dispensationalism (which shows through in only a couple places).  Bock is rightly critical of the Jesus Seminar and of […]

Vital Christology Issues

This is the fourth in the “Vital” series that I have read.  These are reprinted articles from Dallas Seminary’s Bib Sac.  I have enjoyed every one and I think they are a great way to brush up on your rusty theology with current application.

Jesus in an Age of Controversy

This is the third book I have read by Groothuis and I have enjoyed and profited from each one.  This is a much needed update on current Christological apologetics.  He covers the Jesus Seminar, the new Gnosticism, the so-called Eastern travels of Jesus’ silent years and the resultant new spirituality, and the identification by some […]