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The Popular Handbook of Archaeology and ...

In the Preface the reader is told, “The content of this book is not meant to be an exhaustive treatment of manuscripts or archaeological findings” (p. 17). However, by the time the reader is into Part One, he is more than knee deep in the history of the findings, their significance to the authority of […]

From God To Us: How We Got Our Bible

This is a shorter version of the authors’ larger work, A General Introduction to the Bible.  This is a concise record of the history of the Bible’s manuscripts and versions.  Here is a great comparison of the Bible’s historicity and integrity compared to any other book:  “Next to the New Testament, the Iliad has more […]

Baker Encyclopedia of Christian Apologet...

I am simply reporting on this 1999, 841 page reference book.  I am not claiming to have read every entry!  I have always enjoyed Geisler and appreciated his many contributions to philosophy, theology and apologetics.  I also find myself reading in the field of apologetics because the ministry is very much a defense of what […]

Chosen But Free

I have always enjoyed reading Geisler, and most of us have read him for years in the field of apologetics and philosophy.  Here, Geisler speaks to the current issues of  “Extreme Arminianism” (seen in the elimination of God’s sovereignty) and “Extreme Calvinism” (seen in the elimination of Man’s free will).  Geisler takes issue with Extreme […]

Creating God in the Image of Man?

Geisler, now the President of Southern Evangelical Seminary in Charlotte, NC, makes a current (1997) critique of “neotheism,” the open view of God espoused by Clark Pinnock and others, and “panentheism” or “process theology,” the view that God is actually changing as He gains knowledge of how the world is unfolding. “This book warns of […]