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The New Nature

Showers first wrote this book in 1986.  It is a good review of what the Bible means by “old man,” “new man,” “old nature,” and “new nature.”  Showers prefers to use the term “disposition” rather than nature because the nature is a “disposition” toward God.  His view is, and I agree, that the terms old […]

What On Earth Is God Doing?

Renald Showers is best known for his writings on prophecy. I had recently read a few of his books and chose this one also.  It is a summary look at the history of Israel from its time of choosing by God to its captivity, and final rejection of its Messiah.  Showers then traces the church […]

The Pre-Wrath Rapture View

I have read this book late. Showers wrote this in 2001 and the pre-wrath view of the rapture came into voque in 1990 with Marv Rosenthal’s The Pre-Wrath Rapture of the Church, and in 1992 with Robert Van Kampen’s The Sign. I read them at the time but now have reason to study the view […]