Author: Geisler, Norman, Nix, William
Genre: Theology - Bibliology
Tags: Bible

Rick Shrader‘s Review:

This is a shorter version of the authors’ larger work, A General Introduction to the Bible.  This is a concise record of the history of the Bible’s manuscripts and versions.  Here is a great comparison of the Bible’s historicity and integrity compared to any other book:  “Next to the New Testament, the Iliad has more extant manuscripts than any other book (543 papyri, 2 uncials, and 188 minuscules for a total of 643).  Like the Bible, it was considered sacred, and experienced textual changes and criticism of its Greek manuscripts.  While the New Testament has about 20,000 lines, the Iliad has about 15,000.  Only 40 lines (400 words) of the New Testament are in doubt, whereas 764 lines of the Iliad are in question.  Thus the 5% corruption of the Iliad stands against the less than 1% of the NT text.”

Quotes from this book:

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