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The Masked Men

When I teach literary history of the 1700’s, two men gain prominence over many others in textbooks, but their stories often slight their true character by giving these men limited scope. I refer to them as The Masked Men. Why?  Because their Christian backgrounds have been masked under the term deist; because their philosophy of […]

Reading List

Reading List for Recapturing the Classics   The following list is intended to be a suggestion of works I think should be included in any liberal arts education. Why these works? Primarily because of the influences of the philosophies represented in the works, the genre and form emanating from social eras, and for the continual […]

Reading Schedule 1

Reading Schedule: 1   We will begin with a brief introduction to ancient literature. Yes, it is necessary to be exposed to some of the ancient ideas in order to understand the evolution of literature as it reflects society and history. Don’t bog yourself down in original texts, although it is admirable to try to […]

Roger Williams

Roger Williams is one of the most controversial figures of early Christian history in America. In reading numerous sources, one comes across a succinct dichotomy of opinion as to his character and motives. Some thought he was too stubborn about his beliefs, choosing to voice them rather than to remain silent. One view states, “Let […]

The Puritans

Another prominent Christian settlement in America was the 1630 Puritan colony of Boston. They chose the name Puritan because they wanted to remain within the Church of England but purify its practices. This came to an irreconcilable frustration that prompted the group’s voyage to the new world. Here they hoped to begin the church they […]