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Christ’s Prophetic Plans

This is a 2012 book edited (and contributed to) by John MacArthur and Richard Mayhue. It is a good book and a great help in supporting “futuristic premillennialism.” The first two chapters are also a defense of dispensationalism and there is a chapter defending a pretribulational rapture. In addition there is a chapter on why […]

Successful Christian Parenting

John MacArthur wrote this book in 1998 but it remains one of the most thoroughly biblical catalogs of Scriptures and topics on the Christian family.  It is subtitled, “Raising your child with care, compassion, and common sense.”  His proposition might be summarized in this short paragraph:  “In other words, children do no go bad because […]

Right Thinking in a World Gone Wrong

This 2009 book is done by MacArthur and other staff at Grace Community Church.  I found it to be very helpful in a number of different areas that affect the local church.  It is divided into four sections:  Entertainment and Leisure; Morality and Ethics; Politics and Activism; and Tragedy and Suffering.  I thought it was […]

Alone with God

This is a 1995 reprint by Victor Books of an earlier study by MacArthur on prayer.  I was taken by the title and was not disappointed.  Prayer must be our primary way of fellowship with God and our first weapon in our fight for truth.  The bulk of the book is a study on the […]

The Power of Suffering

John MacArthur always seems to write challenging books.  Though I’m more of a Baptist than he, I appreciate MacArthur’s conservative stance on worldliness and related issues, charismatic issues, moral issues, and his love of Scripture.  This book, written in 1995, is basically a study of several passages of Scripture having to do with suffering in […]

Living in the Spirit: A Look at Wine, Wo...

This is a 1970s study booklet (it has no date) by MacArthur on three subjects:  Bible wine, Biblical music, and the filling of the Spirit.  In reviewing material on the first two, I found that I had put this away some years ago.  In this study guide MacArthur takes the “one wine” view of Bible […]

Strange Fire

It has been about twenty years since MacArthur wrote Charismatic Chaos. Strange Fire is more than just an update of the older treatise on Charismatics, it is an up-to-date and urgent plea for rejecting their false doctrine of ongoing revelation and renewal of miraculous gifts. Regardless of what one may like or dislike about MacArthur, […]

The Second Coming of the Lord Jesus Chri...

This was an early (1981) Word of Grace Bible Study book.  MacArthur, being a graduate of Talbot Seminary, has always been a pretribulationalist though a weak dispensationalist.  He writes, “I’m convinced that the correct view is pretribulational.  So, when I say that I’m premillennial and pretribulational, I’m saying that I’m committed to the fact that […]

The Truth War

This new book by MacArthur does a great service to conservative evangelicals and fundamentalists alike, regardless of your various points of disagreement with its author.  MacArthur uses the book of Jude as his text and speaks out on the apostasy within the churches today.  He defines and warns of postmodernism and its latest representative, emerging […]

Fool’s Gold

This book is written by a cross-section of Staff and Teachers from MacArthur’s ministries.  It contains some needed rebuttal’s to things such as Warren’s Purpose-Driven Life; John Eldredge’s Wild At Heart; and a review of The Resolve New Testament.  Other general chapters on discernment and ministry are helpful and challenging.  MacArthur does the chapter on […]