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Fool’s Gold

Reviewed by Dan Lucarini When I first met Dr. Shrader for lunch in Denver, we talked about the “death of discernment” in the church and thought someone should write a book about it.  Well, someone finally did!  This book exposes the root problem that causes many Christians to fall in love with the world and […]

The Master’s Plan for the Church

This is a 1991 Moody Press  book which is a remake of an earlier Study Notes titled, The Anatomy of a Church.  If, ten years ago, you thought MacArthur was a radical on church polity, you may see him today as a forthright conservative.  Though differing with him in some matters of Baptist distinctives, MacArthur […]

Reckless Faith

This is another timely book by MacArthur. As usual, it is well written and documented. He is critical of the consumer mentality within Christianity and of the lack of discernment among its leadership. He even uses the term ‘‘fundamentalist’’ in a positive light and compliments its founders as men of discernment. This volume is timely  […]

The Vanishing Conscience

This is a well written book on an important subject. Regardless of your view of the author’s previous books, this is a subject on which every Christian should read. MacArthur has little time for the self-help and self-esteem teachings and believes we already think more highly of ourselves than we ought to think and that […]

Charismatic Chaos

If you are interested in reading other evaluations of the Vineyard movement, many of which are more thorough, I would suggest the following books and articles. Charismatic Chaos by John MacArthur, chapter six, ‘‘What is behind the ‘Third Wave’ and where is it going?’’ Power Religion, edited by Michael Horton, part two, which has three […]

Ashamed of the Gospel

There is so much written today on being ‘‘user-friendly’’ that we need books such as this one to bring some balance. MacArthur says, ‘‘I do believe we can be innovative and creative in how we present the gospel, but we have to be careful to harmonize our methods with the profound spiritual truth we are […]

Faith Works: The Gospel According to the...

It has been five years since John MacArthur wrote The Gospel According To Jesus. That book stirred the controversy over ‘‘Lordship Salvation’’ once again. The conflict has been primarily between MacArthur and Charles Ryrie of Dallas Seminary. Ryrie’s 1969 book, Balancing the Christian Life, contained a chapter titled, ‘‘Must Christ Be Lord to Be Savior.’’ […]

Charismatic Chaos

I think the two greatest contributions John MacArthur has made are his study of the church at Corinth and his analysis of the Charismatic movement. This latest book (1992) is, of course, a follow-up to his earlier book, The Charismatics (1978). It is still one of the best sources of information and reference to give […]