Author: MacArthur, John
Genre: Theology - Ecclesiology
Tags: Modern Authors / Theological Issues, Truth

Rick Shrader‘s Review:

Reviewed by Dan Lucarini

When I first met Dr. Shrader for lunch in Denver, we talked about the “death of discernment” in the church and thought someone should write a book about it.  Well, someone finally did!  This book exposes the root problem that causes many Christians to fall in love with the world and to put up with weak, unbiblical preaching and teaching: a lack of Biblical discernment.  The authors lay out a convincing argument that the average Christian lacks sufficient knowledge of God’s Word due to a combination of watered-down preaching and worldly amusements, and therefore cannot rightly divide error from truth.  Several contributors from his ministry write, but MacArthur himself writes the chapter on contemporary Worship Music.  Many of us have been waiting for him to weigh in on this sensitive subject and he does not disappoint. The book also contains a much-needed critique of Rick Warren and the Purpose Driven Life, offering a firm yet gracious manner . . . . unlike the many harsh Warren critiques in circulation.  Other chapters discuss the Wild at Heart men’s ministry, the controversy over the Apostle Paul, and other contemporary issues that require discernment.  There is also a gem of a chapter titled Hills to Die On, where Dan Dumas (Exec. Pastor at Grace Community church) reminds us of the three primary faith issues for which all Christians should be ready to contend, and urges us to be cautious how we treat the secondary and tertiary issues.

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