Author: MacArthur, John
Genre: Theology - Ecclesiology
Tags: Modern Authors / Theological Issues, Truth

Rick Shrader‘s Review:

This book is written by a cross-section of Staff and Teachers from MacArthur’s ministries.  It contains some needed rebuttal’s to things such as Warren’s Purpose-Driven Life; John Eldredge’s Wild At Heart; and a review of The Resolve New Testament.  Other general chapters on discernment and ministry are helpful and challenging.  MacArthur does the chapter on Contemporary Worship.  I have a few disagreements with some of the chapters.  I don’t think the public invitation was born in pragmatism nor is it outdated or unscriptural; I don’t think that the “Gospel Songs”  [hymns] of the last two centuries were such a drastic step downward from great classical hymns.

Quotes from this book:

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