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The New Nature

Showers first wrote this book in 1986.  It is a good review of what the Bible means by “old man,” “new man,” “old nature,” and “new nature.”  Showers prefers to use the term “disposition” rather than nature because the nature is a “disposition” toward God.  His view is, and I agree, that the terms old […]

Life in the Spirit

Martyn Lloyd-Jones (1899-1981) was a Welsch physician-turned-preacher who served at Westminster Chapel, briefly under G. Campbell Morgan, becoming the senior pastor in 1943 during the war years when Morgan retired.  Jones preached against liberal Christianity and the ecumenical movement.  Though leaning toward pietistic positions of the Spirit, Jones was a powerful preacher in London in […]

True Spirituality (Again)

After twenty years I picked up Schaeffer’s book again.  I am more in a quest for true spirituality than ever before.  When I first read Schaeffer I was thrilled by his intellectual approach to a post-Christian (his term) America.  I still think he was a prophet before his time in this regard.  His warning about […]


Martin Hengel wrote this book in 1977 but somehow I missed it in all my reading on the life of Christ and New Testament history.  It is a short (98 pages) but very detailed presentation of the history of crucifixion in the ancient or Biblical world.  Much of the book is detailed, footnoted, descriptions of […]

Alister McGrath

“The cross liberates us from the fear of death and the need to live a lie.  It acts as a powerful antidote to our natural tendency to be frightened or anxious about our situation in the world.  It allows us to face death with a quiet and calm confidence, knowing that its sting has been […]

Charles Ryrie

“All men have a conscience (Rom. 2:15) and it can be a right guide (John 8:9).  It may also only seem to be right when actually it is leading the person down the wrong road (Acts 23:1).” Charles Ryrie, Balancing the Christian Life, p. 42.

John Calvin

“Let us remember that the taste of God’s love towards us cannot be had by us under chastisements, except we be fully persuaded that they are fatherly scourges by which he chastises us for our profit.  No such thing can occur to the minds of the reprobate, for they are like fugitives.” John Calvin, Epistle […]