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Practical Happiness

This is from a series of books by Schultz designed to encourage young men in their walk with God.  The sub-title is, “A young man’s guide to a contented life.”  I had not read Schultz before but I enjoyed his easy way of writing (or speaking) to a younger generation.  This book has 36 chapters […]


This is an enjoyable and easy to use discussion book for couples.  It covers five topics in eight chapters and includes questions and answers for each section (communication, conflict, forgiveness, sexual intimacy, and money matters).  

The Practice of Prayer

While browsing in a used book section of a store, I found this 1906 edition printed in the second year of Morgan’s 39 year ministry at the Westminster Chapel in London (not to be confused with either the Abbey or the Cathedral).  Morgan was followed there by D. Martyn Lloyd-Jones who retired in 1968.  One […]

Mornings with Tozer

Each year I read a “daily” reading book, usually left by my bedside.  There are many good ones out there which give a short page of thought-provoking material.  Tozer, of course, is very provoking! But don’t read these instead of Scripture.

R.A. Torrey’s Daily Meditations

This has been my daily (nightly) reading for 2008.  Torrey is always worth reading and the only negative I found is the brevity of the daily entries.  If you are looking for an easy daily read you might find this 1929 Fleming H. Revell book reprinted in 1963 by Baker Book House.

Conflict Under Control

Jeff Newman is an associate professor at Faith Baptist Bible College in Ankeny, IA where he teaches Biblical counseling and introductory Greek.  The book is printed by Regular Baptist Press as part of their Bible Study series.  It is a look at conflicts as the apostle Paul dealt with them in the book of Philippians.  […]

Day by Day with Jonathan Edwards

One reading habit I have tried to maintain is to read through a “daily” reading book each year.  This is the second book in this series that I’ve read and have enjoyed them both (the first being the Early Church Fathers).  Jonathan Edwards may be hard enough for someone to read, especially from his theology […]

The Archaeological Study Bible

Understanding a work of literature by determining the author’s intent and perspective is a critical element in the study of all primary literature. Any worthwhile teacher would fail a student who assumed the theme or intent of a literary work on his own terms without delving into the author’s purpose in writing the work. We […]