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Song of Songs for Singles

Tim and Angela Little (Tim is professor of Hebrew and Old Testament at Faith Baptist Theological Seminary in Ankeny, IA) add a new and refreshing view of this difficult Old Testament book of wisdom literature. It is a passage by passage commentary on the book, but it also is a message to singles and married […]


John Crotts writes a lot on marriage and family. This book is directed to men primarily from the book of Proverbs. The by-line is, “Christ-Centered Proverbs for Men.” It is a good guide for men (especially new believers) who need to get their lives together from God’s Word. His 10 chapters divide the proverbs into […]

Full Assurance

Who hasn’t enjoyed and profited from reading Dr. Ironside? I pulled out this 1937 book on salvation and assurance and read it along with some other newer books on the subject, and this one was the best. Typical of older evangelists, Ironside fills the book with personal anecdotes but also with much scripture. His chapters […]


It should be noted that this book on prayer is a 2016 Moody book and is a compilation of material from A.W. Tozer arranged, edited, and commented on, by W.L. Weaver. I list Tozer as the author only because he is the one in whom the reader is interested. Weaver includes 28 entries from Tozer […]

If You Will Ask

Oswald Chambers (1874-1917) began as a Baptist pastor and ended his ministry in the holiness movement. He is best known for his book, My Utmost for His Highest. This book on prayer has many good things about it. It also shows some of Chambers’ holiness doctrines such as the subsequent baptism of the Holy Spirit […]

Prayer 101

In 2016 David C. Cook reprinted Warren Wiersbe’s book on prayer from 2006. The title describes the content. Wiersbe takes the reader from the very basic concepts of prayer (talking, thanking, asking), gradually building to deeper understanding (approaching the throne of grace). However, this book isn’t a theological textbook on prayer, of which Wiersbe was […]

Alone with God

This is a 1995 reprint by Victor Books of an earlier study by MacArthur on prayer.  I was taken by the title and was not disappointed.  Prayer must be our primary way of fellowship with God and our first weapon in our fight for truth.  The bulk of the book is a study on the […]

The Autobiography of George Muller

George Müller (1805-1898) was a British preacher and director of Ashley Down orphanage in Bristol, England.  He is known for his prayer life and utter dependence on God alone for the financial support of his ministry.  In all, Müller supported over 1000 children in his orphanage and established over a hundred schools for educating children.  […]

Song in the Night

I have grown to love the writings of Warren Wiersbe.  Wiersbe pastored Calvary Baptist Church in Covington, KY, and then Moody Memorial Church in Chicago from 1971 to 1978.  He is well known as a speaker and writer.  I find it interesting that Wiersbe speaks in a way similar to Moody himself and previous pastors […]

Living in the Spirit: A Look at Wine, Wo...

This is a 1970s study booklet (it has no date) by MacArthur on three subjects:  Bible wine, Biblical music, and the filling of the Spirit.  In reviewing material on the first two, I found that I had put this away some years ago.  In this study guide MacArthur takes the “one wine” view of Bible […]