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Alone with God

This is a 1995 reprint by Victor Books of an earlier study by MacArthur on prayer.  I was taken by the title and was not disappointed.  Prayer must be our primary way of fellowship with God and our first weapon in our fight for truth.  The bulk of the book is a study on the […]

The Autobiography of George Muller

George Müller (1805-1898) was a British preacher and director of Ashley Down orphanage in Bristol, England.  He is known for his prayer life and utter dependence on God alone for the financial support of his ministry.  In all, Müller supported over 1000 children in his orphanage and established over a hundred schools for educating children.  […]

Song in the Night

I have grown to love the writings of Warren Wiersbe.  Wiersbe pastored Calvary Baptist Church in Covington, KY, and then Moody Memorial Church in Chicago from 1971 to 1978.  He is well known as a speaker and writer.  I find it interesting that Wiersbe speaks in a way similar to Moody himself and previous pastors […]

Living in the Spirit: A Look at Wine, Wo...

This is a 1970s study booklet (it has no date) by MacArthur on three subjects:  Bible wine, Biblical music, and the filling of the Spirit.  In reviewing material on the first two, I found that I had put this away some years ago.  In this study guide MacArthur takes the “one wine” view of Bible […]

Baptists in America

This is a 2015 book by two Baylor University history professors. It contains 13 chapters plus Preface and Conclusion, about 250 pages in all. The authors take you from the colonial days when the Baptists were basically “outlaws” to the culture and state laws, to the 21st century. Though I have read Baptist history many […]

365 Days With John Newton

I finished my daily reading book for 2013.  I try to do this each year.  It gives one a good insight into a great man of history and serves as a good source of devotional thought each day (I never allow these to replace the reading of God’s Word every day).  John Newton is best […]

Spurgeon’s Prayers

 C.H. Spurgeon was probably the most quoted preacher of the last two hundred years.  It is no wonder that many of his very prayers, prayed during the services of Metropolitan Tabernacle in London (1854-1892) would be transcribed and printed as well.  And I must admit, after reading twenty six pulpit prayers recorded in this book, […]

Practical Happiness

This is from a series of books by Schultz designed to encourage young men in their walk with God.  The sub-title is, “A young man’s guide to a contented life.”  I had not read Schultz before but I enjoyed his easy way of writing (or speaking) to a younger generation.  This book has 36 chapters […]


This is an enjoyable and easy to use discussion book for couples.  It covers five topics in eight chapters and includes questions and answers for each section (communication, conflict, forgiveness, sexual intimacy, and money matters).