Author: Spurgeon, Charles H.
Genre: Bible Studies / Devotionals
Tags: Baptist / Baptists, Prayer

Rick Shrader‘s Review:

 C.H. Spurgeon was probably the most quoted preacher of the last two hundred years.  It is no wonder that many of his very prayers, prayed during the services of Metropolitan Tabernacle in London (1854-1892) would be transcribed and printed as well.  And I must admit, after reading twenty six pulpit prayers recorded in this book, they still are moving and uplifting.  There is a short message on prayer (by Spurgeon) at the beginning of the book, and a good message on the purpose of church prayer meetings at the back of the book.  My favorite advice from that message is to let believers of all ages have their part in the prayers, “The cries of the lambs must mingle with the bleating of the sheep, or the flock will lack much of its natural music.”  The prayers of Spurgeon themselves probably took about 10 to 12 minutes.  That may not sound like much in numbers but it can seem like an eternity in a service.  Even at the Tabernacle today the pulpit prayers are much longer than Americans are used to.  But we could all learn a little about approaching God by listening again to the prince of preachers.

Quotes from this book:

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