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Grandparenting with a Purpose

Of a growing number of books on grandparenting, this is a 2019 book by Lillian Penner which is an update of a 2010 book. This book majors on how to pray for grandchildren. It is more a book of methodology rather than exposition. Penner gives numerous examples of how you might pray for this characteristic […]

Alone with God

This is a 1995 reprint by Victor Books of an earlier study by MacArthur on prayer.  I was taken by the title and was not disappointed.  Prayer must be our primary way of fellowship with God and our first weapon in our fight for truth.  The bulk of the book is a study on the […]

The Autobiography of George Muller

George Müller (1805-1898) was a British preacher and director of Ashley Down orphanage in Bristol, England.  He is known for his prayer life and utter dependence on God alone for the financial support of his ministry.  In all, Müller supported over 1000 children in his orphanage and established over a hundred schools for educating children.  […]

Spurgeon’s Prayers

 C.H. Spurgeon was probably the most quoted preacher of the last two hundred years.  It is no wonder that many of his very prayers, prayed during the services of Metropolitan Tabernacle in London (1854-1892) would be transcribed and printed as well.  And I must admit, after reading twenty six pulpit prayers recorded in this book, […]

The Practice of Prayer

While browsing in a used book section of a store, I found this 1906 edition printed in the second year of Morgan’s 39 year ministry at the Westminster Chapel in London (not to be confused with either the Abbey or the Cathedral).  Morgan was followed there by D. Martyn Lloyd-Jones who retired in 1968.  One […]

God’s Provision for Normal Christian Liv

This is a 1990 edition of Ketcham’s book which Regular Baptist Press is still offering.  Ketcham was one of the fathers of the GARBC movement and an outspoken fundamentalist.  This book emphasized three truths especially:  The Lord Jesus Christ in the believer’s life; the Bible as God’s inspired Word equal to the very words of […]

I Just Wanted More Land

I met Gary Gilley recently and became acquainted with his writings.  He also wrote, This Little Church Went To Market: The church in the age of entertainment.  I Just Wanted More Land is a critique of The Prayer Of Jabez by Bruce Wilkinson (see my short review on our web site).  Gilley is right in […]

The God Who Hears

Reviewed by Don Shrader If ever I teach a class on prayer, this would be my textbook.  Of all the books I have read or perused on prayer, this was the most practical.  Hunter forthrightly addresses those issues surrounding prayer that all of us have that inhibits our prayers and our prayer time.  While his […]