Author: Strobel, Lee
Genre: Theology - Apologetics
Tags: Incarnation, Truth

Admin‘s Review:

I read these two booklets to determine if they were presenting a case for the celebration of Christmas and Easter.  There are those who sometimes question whether or not we, as Christians, should participate in the commemoration of those two holidays given their somewhat pagan beginnings and their worldly celebration today.  However, that was not Strobel’s intent.  Both booklets are primarily excerpts from his book The Case for Christ, with The Case for Easter primarily extracted from “Part 3” of that book.

Each book basically assumes the celebration of Christmas and Easter and reviews portions of Strobel’s own journey to faith slanted towards the reality and proof of each event as well as the validity and veracity of the scriptural accounts surrounding those two events.  If you have read his book, The Case for Christ, then you have read the content of these two booklets and more.  While these two booklets do not contain the depth and wealth of evidence that demands a verdict (to borrow from Josh McDowell) which The Case for Christ and its companion book The Case for Faith contain, they very well could serve as an inexpensive door opener to convince an unbeliever to at least investigate the claims of Christ further.  In his conclusion to The Case for Christmas, Strobel invites the reader to “further investigate the evidence for yourself.”  And, he challenges the reader in The Case for Easter to “pursue the truth about Jesus enthusiastically and honestly,” noting further that, “there’s a lot riding on your verdict.”

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