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Quick Answers to Social Issues

This is a new book of about 100 pages by Answers in Genesis, Master Books. It gives two-page answers to 1) Life Issues: abortion, fetus, right to die, cloning and stem cells; 2) Equality issues: racism, interracial marriage, slavery, sexism, feminism, intersectionality and social justice, genocide; 3) Marriage, Sexual, & Gender Issues: Sex, marriage, homosexuality, […]

Gospel Reset

Ken Ham has become the leading figure in Biblical creationism and rightly so.  His Creation Museum and Ark projects are fantastic displays of Biblical testimony to an early earth creation.  This little book is a proposition from Ham that the church is out of step with the presentation of the gospel in our day.  He […]

Progressive Covenantalism

This 2016 book, by two Southern Seminary professors and eight other writers, explores the new challenge to traditional Covenant Theology.  There are ten chapters, or topics, discussed but Brent  Parker’s chapter on “The Israel-Christ-Church Relationship” is the clearest section of the book in defining just what Progressive Covenantalism is.  He writes, “Progressive Covenantalism argues that […]

The Stones Cry Out

In reading several books about the  archaeological finds of the recent century, I fully expected to  come across much  duplication  of items  and related text on the importance or impact of such finds. However, this book  introduces finds that I had not encountered in other books, and that  is most likely because the author is […]

The Popular Handbook of Archaeology and ...

In the Preface the reader is told, “The content of this book is not meant to be an exhaustive treatment of manuscripts or archaeological findings” (p. 17). However, by the time the reader is into Part One, he is more than knee deep in the history of the findings, their significance to the authority of […]

Jesus On Trial

I am always open to reading new material from a variety of authors.  I have been interested in seeing and hearing David Limbaugh (the brother of the well known Rush) on television and radio because of his conversion to Christianity and his effective witness in those public forums.  This is a 2014 book on apologetics […]

Dispensationalism and the History of Red...

This is a 2015 Moody book but produced primarily, actually entirely, by Dallas Theological Seminary professors and/or graduates.  Being a dispensationalist myself, I enjoyed the book and profited from its material.  I am glad for any scholarly writing that defends the dispensational approach to Scripture because it is being attacked in many unfortunate ways these […]

Orthodoxy and Heresy in Early Christian ...

The list of beneficial and informative books edited by Dr. Paul Hartog continues to grow. Hartog, a trained patristics scholar, has compiled ten chapters along with eight other New Testament and church history scholars, to examine the long-standing liberal thesis of Walter Bauer (1877-1960). The book is extremely beneficial to believers today because Bauer’s thesis, […]

He is Not Silent

This is a timely book on preaching by Dr. Mohler. I greatly enjoyed it, keeping it close by on my Kindle and going to it in my spare minutes. Mohler takes the reader through the homiletics of preaching but insists that “the only form of authentic preaching is expository preaching.” By this he means that […]

Mere Apologetics

I have generally enjoyed books by Alister McGrath.  He is a professor at King’s College in London and president of the Oxford Center for Christian Apologetics.  He is basically a mid-stream evangelical who you really identify with at one point and are really frustrated with at another.  For example, in this book he is really […]