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The Case for Christmas/Easter

I read these two booklets to determine if they were presenting a case for the celebration of Christmas and Easter.  There are those who sometimes question whether or not we, as Christians, should participate in the commemoration of those two holidays given their somewhat pagan beginnings and their worldly celebration today.  However, that was not […]

The Case for Faith

After having thoroughly enjoyed Stobel’s first book, The Case For Christ,  I was eager to tackle this second one.  These are apologetically laced with arguments for the validity of the Biblical record.  I enjoy the interview style with some great American thinkers.  The disappointment in the book is the interview with J.P. Moreland in which […]

The Case For Christ

Strobel has a Master of Studies in Law degree from Yale Law School and has been a journalist with the Chicago Tribune and other papers. He became a Christian by pursuing the evidence for Christianity in the same way he pursued cases as a journalist. This book takes you on that journey as he interviews […]