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How In This World Can I Be Holy?

Although I had read this book years ago, I have not written a review until now.  In my study on walking with God I have tried to read a variety of authors from a large span of time to discover what has been said on this important topic.  Lutzer was the pastor of Moody Memorial […]

The Cross in the Shadow of the Crescent

The alarming growth of Islam around the world and especially in the United States is a subject of interest to all Christians.  Lutzer does his usual good job of documenting the rise of Islam with its government of Shariah Law, the Muslim Brotherhood, and its goal of eventual takeover of the whole world in the […]

Hitler’s Cross

I have long thought that the most interesting study of atheism in this century is that of German Fascism during the Nazi regime.  It is important because today’s atheism in America is repeating many of the same principles and yet, like Hitler, is calling everyone else, and primarily Christians,  fascists or bigots. Lutzer writes to […]