Author: Lutzer, Erwin
Genre: Christian Living
Tags: Christian Living / Cross / Discipleship

Rick Shrader‘s Review:

Although I had read this book years ago, I have not written a review until now.  In my study on walking with God I have tried to read a variety of authors from a large span of time to discover what has been said on this important topic.  Lutzer was the pastor of Moody Memorial Church from 1980 to 2016, a graduate of Dallas Theological Seminary.  This book was written in 1985 and contains things peculiar to that era, and yet many things that transcend the 80s.  In other ways the book is a standard treatment on personal separation with the normal categories:  defining the various uses of the word “world” in the Scripture; the pushing back at both legalism and antinomianism; maintaining a strong position on moral issues while exposing the immorality of the day.  In some ways a book on God’s holiness written 30 years ago seems way out of touch, and yet uniquely God’s principles that applied then apply now.  In the first parts of the book I thought Lutzer went too far in making sure he condemned legalism (the 1985 version of thinking progressively) but in the second half of the book I thought his points were very appropriate for this or any other age.  His view on modesty, addictions, sexuality, art, and also on God’s will are needed again in our day.  “Commitment to Christ means a radical change in perspective.  Our priorities will be changed when we finally submit our will to God.  And even then the struggle will not be over.  Each day the initial commitment must be reaffirmed as new matters will be transferred to God’s control.”


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