Author: Moody, D.L.
Genre: Christian Living
Tags: Christian Living / Cross / Discipleship

Rick Shrader‘s Review:

This is a paper back of about 120 pages.  It seems that over the years Moody’s writings have been reprinted in various small books and many times the material is repeated in his other books.  I realized while reading this book that I have read and quoted many of the passages that appear here in other books by Moody (I’ve found the same thing true of Tozer after only half a century).  However, I’ve always enjoyed reading these short books by Moody because I think that few men knew how to walk with God in the Spirit of God more than D.L. Moody.  The only area I find a little odd is concerning the anointing of the Spirit, which Moody seemed to take as subsequent to salvation.  Had he used the term filling, I would not find it out of sorts at all.  In any case, I’m always encouraged by D.L. Moody.


Quotes from this book:

Drama on

              “Another thing that grieves the Spirit in the churches is the miserable policy of introducing questionable entertainment.  There are the lotteries, for instance, that we have in many churches.  If a man wants to gamble, he doesn’t have to …