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Divorce and Remarriage

In this small book (about 100 pages, published in 2021) Wayne Grudem gives a lot of up-to-date information on the problems, various views, and New Testament teaching on divorce. In the rather lengthy introduction he includes helpful current statistics on the causes and effects of divorce within the family. Especially helpful here is the effect […]

Marriage and the Family

Andreas Köstenberger has written a number of books recently on the family. This one (2012) was written with David W. Jones but is essentially Köstenberger’s. It is a good synopsis of his other writings in that it is only about 175 pages and contains shorter chapters written for the layman and parents. The chapters include […]

Married for God

This is a follow-up book to be read after Christopher Ash wrote (2003) Marriage–Sex in the Service of God.  In this book (2016) he uses that older title as a theme. That first book is almost 400 pages and is much more detailed. This book is only about 170 pages of text and is easier […]

Marriage: Sex in the service of God

I came across Christopher Ash in other books on marriage that mentioned him and this book. The title should not be misleading. Ash is concerned with fidelity to the marriage covenant, or I should say, with the lack of fidelity today. This is a 2003 book so it doesn’t see the further breakdown of marriage […]

Divorce and Remarriage: Four Christian V...

This is a 1990 “Spectrum Multiview” book by IVP Academic. H. Wayne House is the editor and there are four views of divorce and remarriage presented, each with a rebuttal by the other three writers. The four views are: 1) No divorce, no remarriage, written by J. Carl Laney. 2) Divorce, but no remarriage, written […]

Biblical Foundations for Manhood and Wom...

It was in 1991 that Wayne Grudem and John Piper edited Recovering Biblical Manhood and Womanhood. The current work, edited only by Grudem, written in 2002, was originally addresses done at a conference in Dallas, TX. The major messages in the book are done by Grudem and Bruce Ware with single chapters by five other […]

50 Crucial Questions

In 1991, John Piper and Wayne Grudem published Recovering Biblical Manhood and Womanhood. This smaller booklet (2016) is basically chapter 2 of that book. However, this book gives concise and quick answers to many vital questions of today. The authors are complementarians, believe in male headship in the family and the church, denounce homosexuality as a […]


Throughout my ministry I have read much from John Murray including many passages from this book, but I had never read the book cover to cover, concentrating on his view of divorce. Murray wrote the final edition of this book in 1961 toward the end of his long career (1930-1966) as professor of systematic theology […]

Dying and Death

Joel Beeke is a Reformed pastor and seminary president. Christopher Bogosh is a Reformed writer, a registered nurse, and founder of Good Samaritan Books. Therefore, a few comments on theology are from their Reformed point of view, but the greater bulk of the book is excellent on death and dying. Beeke adds many good quotations […]

Divine Design

This 2011 book by John MacArthur addresses the needs of the family in the midst of a negative culture. It is divided into three parts: God’s design for human beings; God’s design for marriage; and God’s design for the church. MacArthur mentions complementarity and egalitarianism which is an early recognition of the controversy (2011). He […]