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Throughout my ministry I have read much from John Murray including many passages from this book, but I had never read the book cover to cover, concentrating on his view of divorce. Murray wrote the final edition of this book in 1961 toward the end of his long career (1930-1966) as professor of systematic theology […]

Dying and Death

Joel Beeke is a Reformed pastor and seminary president. Christopher Bogosh is a Reformed writer, a registered nurse, and founder of Good Samaritan Books. Therefore, a few comments on theology are from their Reformed point of view, but the greater bulk of the book is excellent on death and dying. Beeke adds many good quotations […]

Divine Design

This 2011 book by John MacArthur addresses the needs of the family in the midst of a negative culture. It is divided into three parts: God’s design for human beings; God’s design for marriage; and God’s design for the church. MacArthur mentions complementarity and egalitarianism which is an early recognition of the controversy (2011). He […]

Parenting Essentials

Andreas and Margaret Köstenberger updated a previous volume (Equipping for Life) with this 2020 edition in a smaller (130 pages) and more readable format. The outline for the book (also shortened from the previous volume) is called 3R Parenting: Realistic, Relational, and Responsible. These flow in a chronological order from early marriage to parenting adult […]

Equipping for Life

Andreas and Margaret Kostenberger team up to write this 2018 book on parenting. This is a practical guide for parents new and old who are looking for real-life help and ideas in raising godly children. There are many personal stories from the authors but rightly so since this is a practical book. They take the […]

On Death & Dying

Though I had known of this book for years I had not read it. It was first published in 1969 and updated in 2019. This is a secular book on the observation of dying patients by Dr. Elisabeth Kulber-Ross. For its time, it was a ground-breaking study from a clinical and observational perspective. The book […]

You Never Stop Being a Parent

In reading on parenting and grandparenting I keep coming across authors I have not yet read. When I see that good people such as Tedd Tripp and Stuart Scott have endorsed the book, I figure it’s worth trying. This book by Jim Newheiser speaks directly to the topic of parents and their adult children, with […]

Quit Church

Baker Books published this 2018 paperback by Chris Sonksen. He is a Souther Caliornia pastor and a motivational speaker. He is the founder of Church Boom, a personal coaching ministry to church leaders. It is hard to tell from the title what the book is about. I thought either it dealt with quitting church altogether […]


It should be noted that this book on prayer is a 2016 Moody book and is a compilation of material from A.W. Tozer arranged, edited, and commented on, by W.L. Weaver. I list Tozer as the author only because he is the one in whom the reader is interested. Weaver includes 28 entries from Tozer […]

If You Will Ask

Oswald Chambers (1874-1917) began as a Baptist pastor and ended his ministry in the holiness movement. He is best known for his book, My Utmost for His Highest. This book on prayer has many good things about it. It also shows some of Chambers’ holiness doctrines such as the subsequent baptism of the Holy Spirit […]