Author: Kostenberger, Andreas J.
Genre: Christian Living
Tags: Parenting / Family

Rick Shrader‘s Review:

This is a 2014 book by Andreas and Margaret Köstenberger. It is a lengthy book of this type with over 350 pages of text. Both write an extensive amount in the book but it is all well-written and documented. Andreas’ style is to establish a biblical fact or rule, and then take the reader through the Old or New Testament showing the validity of the fact or rule. A valuable use of this work is their explanation of the major passages on marriage and headship/submission (e.g., 1 Corinthians 11, Ephesians 5, 1 Timothy 2). Especially valuable are the three appendices on the history of feminism, hermeneutics and Biblical theology, and special issues in interpreting gender passages.

Quotes from this book:

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