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Charles Ryrie

“Within the Christian orbit of theological systems, Roman Catholicism, for instance, sees the Roman Church as the seat of authority.  To be sure, the Bible is believed, but it must be interpreted, they say, by the church.  Therefore, the church becomes the final authority, and its pronouncements are binding on its members.” Charles Ryrie, A […]

The Reformation In England

The English Reformation isn’t as popular as the German, Swiss, or even the Scottish Reformations.  There you have singularly interesting figures like Luther, Calvin, and Knox.  In England you have characters like Henry VIII and Bloody Mary, but you also have Cranmer, Ridley, and Latimer and others who lost their lives in the reformation process.  […]

Breaking Down the Walls…And the Gospel

The subversive work of “Evangelical Inclusivism” Raymond Teachout is the son of Richard Teachout, Robert’s brother.  They are children of Dick and Oril Teachout, long-time missionaries in Africa.  Raymond wrote this book in 1999 and I am sorry that I hadn’t known of it sooner.  There is still a lot of literature explaining the ecumenical […]

The Protestant Revolution

I found this 1914 volume of a 30-volume set of historical essays done by many prominent educators.  What I found most interesting in this university text was the overriding confidence of the authors and endorsers that the Protestant Reformation was one of the most positive influences in the history of the world. The result it […]

The Templars

This is a trial read of a Barnes & Noble book by an English author and authority on Catholic history.  Read traces the history of the Knights Templar, the medieval protectors of the Jerusalem temple during the times of the Crusades.  My interest in the Knights Templar is due to the fanciful re-creation of history […]

The Dolorous Passion of our Lord Jesus C...

Emmerich became a nun, at the age of 29, in the Convent of Agnetenberg, at Dulmen, Germany.  She supposedly received the “favour from the Lord” (8) to receive “stigmas” or wounds in her flesh in order to bleed and suffer “to expiate the sin by suffering” (15) for others, as well as “to feel a […]

The DaVinci Code

The interest in the so-called “lost gospels” as well as the curiosity over DaVinci’s “Last Supper” caused me to read this book.  Basically, it is all old hat.  The author writes as if Christians have never heard theories of the mother-son “sacred feminine” worship or that there is apocryphal literature that was rejected as non-canonical.  […]

The Amble Man Who Saved My Faith

9/3/01 CT article by Philip Yancey This article, taken from Yancey’s new book, Soul Survivor, is his praise of G.K. Chesterton’s writings.  His praise goes too far.  It is one thing to appreciate a man’s conservative writing (which I also share) in a way in which we may appreciate Rush or Dr. Laura, but quite […]

Theology and Critical Theory

This book was subtitled “The Discourse of the Church.”  I was hoping that it was a critique of the New Testament Church.  It turned out to be an attempt by Lakeland to apply Critical (social) Theory developed by Jurgen Habermas to open discourse within the Catholic Church.  Lakeland,  a Professor of Religious Studies, comes off […]