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The Kingdom in History and Prophecy

Another book relating to theological reading this year is this 1915 book by the well-known founder and President of Dallas Seminary and forwarded by C.I. Scofield.  My copy is a 1967 reprint though I also have a Kindle copy.  I have been interested in the subject of the kingdom of God since my introduction to […]

The Kingdom in History and Prophecy

I read this book on Kindle.  Though it’s hard for me to read without a pencil in my hand I made it through just fine.  I like reading this older dispensational premillennialist especially when it comes to prophetic things.  Sure, I find some minor points with which I disagree, but I miss the plain speaking […]

He That Is Spiritual

I have enjoyed Chafer much more in my ministry than I did as a student.  Perhaps because now I don’t have anyone telling me how “shallow” he was.  I still find his book True Evangelism to be the best I have read on the subject. In this area of the filling of the Spirit, I […]

True Evangelism

In connection with this month’s article on real and false faith, I reread this 1919 classic by Chafer.  As with Machen’s book last month, if you didn’t know it, you would think this was written in the 90’s.  I knew that Chafer questioned early evangelistic methods in this book and in it spoke against false […]