Author: Brown, Dan
Genre: Fiction
Tags: Bible, Catholicism, Modern Authors / Theological Issues

Rick Shrader‘s Review:

The interest in the so-called “lost gospels” as well as the curiosity over DaVinci’s “Last Supper” caused me to read this book.  Basically, it is all old hat.  The author writes as if Christians have never heard theories of the mother-son “sacred feminine” worship or that there is apocryphal literature that was rejected as non-canonical.  The DaVinci Code is a mystery novel about a holy grail quest that begins with the theory that DaVinci was a Knight Templar in the Priori secret society which believes that Jesus never claimed to be divine; that he and Mary Magdalene were married and had a child whose descendents remain until this day; that this Mary was appointed by Jesus to be the head of the Church (not Peter); that no one believed differently until the council of Nicea where the Church voted that Mary was a virgin and divine; and that DaVinci (being in the “know”) painted Mary Magdalene sitting on the right hand of Jesus at the Last Supper; that the “V” created in the picture represents the sacred feminine, or sign of the chalice of Christ;* that “the holy grail” is actually the remains of Mary Magdalene.  Not enough?  The story proposes that the last 2000 years of history have been dominated by the male church unjustly, which has been the age of Pisces, but the secret society will now unveil the secret of the sacred feminine and usher in the age of Aquarius and the “lie” of the Catholic Church started at Nicea will finally be revealed for the hoax it is.

Even the Time Magazine (12/22/03) and U.S. News and World Report Magazine (12/22/03) articles do not buy into this to any great degree.  Christianity Today (Jan ’04) included a short but good rebuttal by Darrell Bock of Dallas Seminary (Bock has a book, Studying The Historical Jesus, which I will review next month).  You can also read abundant Christian writing explaining the feminine theories beginning at the tower of Babel to Venus and Cupid.  Does Revelation 13-18 picture this as the coming religion of the Anti-Christ?  Some of us haven’t ruled it out.

*My son, Matthew, as an engineering student at IUPUI has read books on the biography and work of DaVinci and none of them even suggest such a feminine content in the Last Supper, nor that DaVinci was trying to relate any other message than what is obviously there.


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