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The Stones Cry Out

In reading several books about the  archaeological finds of the recent century, I fully expected to  come across much  duplication  of items  and related text on the importance or impact of such finds. However, this book  introduces finds that I had not encountered in other books, and that  is most likely because the author is […]

The Popular Handbook of Archaeology and ...

In the Preface the reader is told, “The content of this book is not meant to be an exhaustive treatment of manuscripts or archaeological findings” (p. 17). However, by the time the reader is into Part One, he is more than knee deep in the history of the findings, their significance to the authority of […]

The Archaeological Study Bible

Understanding a work of literature by determining the author’s intent and perspective is a critical element in the study of all primary literature. Any worthwhile teacher would fail a student who assumed the theme or intent of a literary work on his own terms without delving into the author’s purpose in writing the work. We […]

Dead Sea Scrolls CD

Because some of the actual Dead Sea Scrolls are on exhibit in Kansas City for three months, our church bought as many tickets as possible and will be going to see them.  I then pulled out this CD which I have had for quite a few years.  We will be viewing the CD for a […]

Heritage of Evidence in the British Muse...

Thanks to our missionary Russ Ivison for bringing this book to my attention.  Peter Masters has put together a book-guided tour of those parts of the British Museum that substantiate Biblical history.  The book contains pictures of various artifacts as well as diagrams of the lay-out of the museum’s halls.  Copies can be bought online […]

Biblical Archaeology in Focus

I recommend this 1982 Baker book by Keith Schoville as a standard conservative (not in everything!) text for referencing.  You can find it in used book stores at a reasonable price.  He doesn’t always hold the conservative view (the Exodus date, for example) but gives it equal time. You get a lot of info for […]

Archaeology and the New Testament

This is a 1991 Baker Book written by John McRay, long time professor at Wheaton College.  The book is good because of its up to date facts and its more modern layout, pictures and illustrations.  It makes a good reference book to illustrate New Testament passages.  McRay is more conservative than many in this field.  […]

The Dead Sea Scrolls After Forty Years

I read this 1992 book to refresh and update my thinking on the discoveries at Qumran.  I found it very helpful. The first chapter by Hershel Shanks gives a good overview of where the research is at this present time. The second chapter was of particular interest to me because James Vanderkam (Ph.D. from Harvard) […]

The World That Perished

The sub-title to this timely book is: ‘‘An Introduction to Biblical Catastrophism.’’ It’s not so much that I needed an introduction to the subject, but I needed an update! In preaching through the life of Noah this second quarter, I wanted to refresh myself on flood geology and what has been happening in Creationism over […]