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Repetition and Memorization

Let’s quit knocking the idea of repetition and memorization as a valid teaching tool. It is still one of the best ways to “cement” any concept or information into the human brain. Scientists practice “programming” the brain through repetition and most claim that the brain thrives on it.  Everything we learn as a child revolves […]

Begging the Question

My vote for the best book of the 20th Century will probably be Thomas Sewell’s The Vision of the Anointed since among many other poignant perceptions is the excellent explanation of Begging the Question as a basis for argument. For those unfamiliar with the long-ago taught principles of argumentation, Begging the Question starts with a […]

The Value of Life

What is the value of a human life from God’s perspective? Try the following exercise to get students thinking about the position of their established base values. This not only helps them to think in a broader sense, but can be a defining exercise in validating (or not) their own values. Give each student a […]

Begin with Praise

The messages of the Bible are sometimes subtle and therefore missed. Such is the letter writing habit of the most prominent New Testament writer, Paul. The ancient writers followed a form that can be a lesson for each of us as Christians in a perverse world that is headed for its ultimate destruction. Listening to […]

Explaining the Gospel

After the recent death of Reverend Jerry Falwell I listened to an interview that a radio talk show “personality” had aired with Dr. Falwell years earlier. The talk show host had obviously never accepted Jesus Christ as his personal Savior and from his comments had never heard of the concept. Dr. Falwell continually tried to […]

Concrete Examples

We all know that young children think literally and want literal answers. They learn by concrete examples until an age of theoretical knowledge is opened to them. My four year old grandson doesn’t understand the concept of The United States but he can point to a map and identify his home state of South Carolina […]

Teaching the Obvious

Sometimes it is very necessary to teach what we assume to be the obvious. Consider the facts of creation. Why does it matter that a child knows the order of the days of creation? As long as he accepts that it happened, isn’t that enough? Science confirms that the order of creation designed by God […]

Choosing Your Author

Choose your author before you buy the book. I recently read a new book about the bubonic plague and its effects on the history of Europe. While there were interesting tidbits, a common theme of the book seemed to rotate around one curious idea, that the plague produced the mindset for modern medical science. Why, […]

Archaeology and the Bible

The Archaeological Study Bible Understanding a work of literature by determining the author’s intent and perspective is a critical element in the study of all primary literature. Any worthwhile teacher would fail a student who assumed the theme or intent of a literary work on his own terms without delving into the author’s purpose in writing […]