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Biblical Pottery

Did You Know? By Debra Conley                Pottery is referenced in several Biblical passages, usually referring to the body as a vessel like a clay pot. Much of the determination of time periods is done with archaeological finds of pottery. Of course, all the “dating” is done by man, the time periods assigned made […]

The British Library

Did You Know? By Debra Conley                           Many visits to the British Library in London left me with countless images to remember, particularly the vast collection of ancient Biblical texts, including one of the most beautiful I have ever seen: The Lindisfarne Gospels is an illuminated manuscript consisting of 258 leaves of calfskin […]

Noah Webster

Did You Know? By Debra Conley   One of the first complete dictionaries published in America was Noah Webster’s 1828 Dictionary. At the time, the Bible was the standard textbook in most schools and homes and Webster, a Bible student himself, included many interesting quotes from Scripture  within his definitions. Consider the word Study. Along […]

Gutenberg Bibles

Did You Know? By Debra Conley                           The American Bible Society originated in 1816. Its first president was Elias Boudinot, a former President of the Continental Congress. Its second president was our first Chief Justice, John Jay. The Society provided pocket Bibles to the soldiers (on both sides) of the Civil War. The […]