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Final Overview (#24)


What else can I add to these two years of vicarious travel through the UK? Plenty! Traveling with us is definitely an adventure. If we see something curious, we might just take off to check it out. Most days we leave the hotel right after breakfast and do not return until evening. We do a […]

Dover, England (#23)


As we honor Veterans this month, it is most fitting that I write about our visit to Dover, England. This massive and beautiful coast has seen its share of war, battles, and still proudly, the huge fortress of Dover Castle regales atop the White Cliffs. It was this coast, only 22 miles from France, that […]

London, England (#22)

Our tour gives each guest a little free time in London, and there are so many places to take in around London! Packed with so much history and certainly worth the price is the Tower of London. Specially trained guides called Beefeaters weave a thousand years of history into the 2 hour tour. You’ll see […]