Author: Dixon, A.C., Torrey, R.A.
Genre: Theology - Baptist
Tags: Baptist / Baptists, Doctrine / Theology
Series: The Fundamentals

Rick Shrader‘s Review:

The most rewarding reading for me from 2003 has been the four volumes called The Fundamentals.  Though I had heard of them throughout my ministry and have heard many speakers and writers refer to them, the actual reading of them was a different experience than what I expected.  Most notable (as I mentioned after reading the first volume) is that these writings were obviously not an attempt to establish some irreducible minimum of Fundamentalism (volume IV contained a moving message on keeping the Lord’s Day holy from secular work or activity!).  No one in these volumes was looking for the five or ten or twenty “fundamentals.”  If anything, these men were painting with a very broad brush about the truth of the Christian message contained in the Scriptures.  I would say that if they felt anything it was that to lose one part of the Scripture is to lose it all.

The actual reading of these volumes also dispelled any myth that these writers were country bumpkins who knew only fire and brimstone preaching.  I dare say that the style and content of these messages would not be appreciated in many fundamental circles today because they are too academic, too precise, too judgmental and too fundamental!  However, they were moving, convicting, thought-provoking, informative and far excel any other purpose-driven doctrinal course.   RCS

Quotes from this book:

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