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How To Obtain Fullness of Power

Reuben Archer Torrey (1856-1928) was D.L. Moody’s superintendent of Moody Bible Institute for 19 years, then the pastor of Moody Church in Chicago.  He was a graduate of Yale University with both A.B. and Divinity degrees.  The five chapters are on the Word of God, the blood of Christ, the power of the Holy Spirit, […]

The Fundamentals, Vol 4

The most rewarding reading for me from 2003 has been the four volumes called The Fundamentals.  Though I had heard of them throughout my ministry and have heard many speakers and writers refer to them, the actual reading of them was a different experience than what I expected.  Most notable (as I mentioned after reading […]

The Fundamentals, Vol 3

I have not enjoyed a set of older books in a long time as much as I have enjoyed reading this set of The Fundamentals. The first half of volume three includes articles on the nature of sin and salvation from such men as Sir Robert Anderson, C.I. Scofield, C.G. Moule and others. The second […]

The Fundamentals, Vol 2

I continue to be blessed by these 1917 writings from men such as James M. Gray, A.T. Pierson, Philip Mauro, B.B. Warfield, James Orr, and R.A. Torrey. This volume deals mostly with the deity of Christ, the inspiration of Scripture and the personality of the Holy Spirit.  Four times the originals alone are said to […]

The Fundamentals, Vol 1

This reprint of the original four-volume set first published in 1917, has been made available by Baker Books since 2000. I have decided to read these volumes before the end of the year. Many people talk about these writings from which we get our name “Fundamentalists,” but I have wondered how those men actually wrote. […]

How To Pray

R.A. Torrey was D.L. Moody’s associate in his great evangelistic campaigns.  Torrey’s treatment of prayer is a progression through several biblical topics from hinderences, obedience, importance, to praying according to God’s will and praying with the Holy Spirit’s guidance.  Torrey and Moody both had a holiness emphasis and there are various odd statements regarding the […]

Why God Used D.L. Moody

I came across this older booklet, written by Moody’s long-time associate, in a stack of old evangelism papers. I find this kind of reading, a refreshing break from much of the dry and dull informational writing today. It helped expand my illustration file quite a bit! Torrey’s eye-witness account of the life of the great […]