Author: Torrey, R.A.
Genre: Christian Living
Tags: Christian Living / Cross / Discipleship

Rick Shrader‘s Review:

Reuben Archer Torrey (1856-1928) was D.L. Moody’s superintendent of Moody Bible Institute for 19 years, then the pastor of Moody Church in Chicago.  He was a graduate of Yale University with both A.B. and Divinity degrees.  The five chapters are on the Word of God, the blood of Christ, the power of the Holy Spirit, prayer, and a surrendered life.  My interest in the book was for an insight into walking with God from the Moody/Torrey era.  Torrey is straightforward in his theology, but is surprisingly helpful in his application.  Writing in the era of growing liberalism in the U.S., he often sounds like a modern day conservative standing for the plain sense of Scripture.


Quotes from this book:

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