Author: Torrey, R.A.
Genre: Christian Living
Tags: Prayer

Rick Shrader‘s Review:

R.A. Torrey was D.L. Moody’s associate in his great evangelistic campaigns.  Torrey’s treatment of prayer is a progression through several biblical topics from hinderences, obedience, importance, to praying according to God’s will and praying with the Holy Spirit’s guidance.  Torrey and Moody both had a holiness emphasis and there are various odd statements regarding the baptism or gifts of the Spirit, none of which detract from the teaching on prayer.  The refreshing thing about the book is the use of forthright statements that are usually avoided today.

Quotes from this book:

Discouragement on Discouragement

“The voice of the Lord given in the written Word is set at naught both by the world and the church.  Such a time is not a time for discouragement—the man who believes in God and believes in the Bible can never be discouraged; but it is a time for Jehov …