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Herschel H. Hobbs: Baptists Why and Why...

Over the last few months I have read three books in this “Baptist Classics” series.  The first two, on E.Y. Mullins and J.M. Frost and their contemporaries, were more encouraging histories of the Southern Baptist Convention from the days before liberalism set in.  This volume highlights Herschel Hobbs who was the chairman of the committee […]

Baptist Why and Why Not

This is one in a series of books called the Library of Baptist Classics by Broadman and Holman Publishers and is therefore mostly Southern Baptist history but I have found them to be very interesting and encouraging.  J.M. Frost wrote and compiled this book in 1900.  He was a pastor and long-time secretary of the […]

Why I Am A Baptist

I have had this book for a long time and decided to read it now along with some others about what has happened to our churches in the last fifty years.  This book was published by Broadman Press in 1972 mainly for Southern Baptists, but contains contributions from independent Baptists including my former professor Noel […]

Did Jesus Command Immersion?

This is a 1915 publication by The Standard Publishing Company of Cincinnati.  James Gilchrist Lawson (1874-1946) was a British author and compiler, his most well-known book being Deeper Experiences of Famous Christians.  He wrote many biographical sketches and also edited early reference Bibles.  Much of his writing was connected to Pentecostal history, though Lawson himself […]

Baptist Theology: A Four-Century Study

This book is the culmination of decades of teaching and research by one of the foremost historians and theologians of the Baptist tradition. Garrett’s work is huge and intimidating at over 700 pages, but it is a once in a lifetime kind of work. This book focuses on Baptist theology primarily by considering theologians and […]

Theologians of the Baptist Tradition

This is a revised edition from the 1990 edition titled Baptist Theologians by the same editors. I enjoy books like this that give us a short biography of well-known men in history plus some important facts about their theology. Familiar names appear such as John Gill, Andrew Fuller, Charles Spurgeon, A.H. Strong, and even B.H. […]

Booklets Worth Reading

Vital Issues of the Year By RBP, Various Authors Regular Baptist Press published this booklet in 1973. It was for the purpose of keeping the GARBC churches informed of various issues at the time. They include: evangelism and missions, the ecumenical movement, the charismatic movement, alcohol, drugs, the sexual revolution, race relations, divorce, the occult, […]

Baptist Distinctives

We welcome new and fresh writing on Baptist polity.  Kevin Bauder is research professor  of systematic theology at Central Baptist Theological Seminary in Plymouth, MN.  The more Dr. Bauder writes, the better it is for fundamental Baptists.  Bauder departs from the traditional acrostic outline for Baptist distinctives and presents the material in six divisions as […]

Baptist Theology: a Four-Century Study

This is a valuable new book on Baptist history and theology by the long-time professor at Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary.  Garrett taught this material since the 1950s as a class on Historical Theology primarily at Southwestern and for a time at Southern.  It is more than a Baptist history in that it traces the developing […]

Baptists and the Bible

This 1980 Moody book reads more like a list of biographies than a doctrine or church history book.  The authors’ purpose was to show how Baptists have believed in the verbal inspiration and authority of the Scripture.  In doing this, they include 29 stories of Baptists (ranging from giants like Gill, Spurgeon, Carroll, Robertson to […]