Author: Rookmaaker, H.R.
Genre: Theology - General
Tags: Art, Culture / Worldview

Rick Shrader‘s Review:

This book, first printed in 1970, was just reprinted in 1994.  Rookmaaker was a life-long friend of Francis Schaeffer who also wrote in this area. This is an evaluation of art from the middle ages through the 1960’s. He says, ‘‘My aim in this book is to show the relationship between the great cultural revolution of our time and the general spirit of the age.’’

After reading a few books on art as an expression of our culture, I agree that ‘‘Too many have bypassed modern art with a shrug of the shoulder, failing to see that it is one of the keys to an understanding of our times.’’ Rookmaaker sums up his aim by asking, ‘‘How should we react as Christians to the pressures around us? What does it mean to trust Christ at such a time as our own? In the battle against the spirit of our age, how can we use the weapons that have been given to us, our humanity, our understanding, our emotions, our artistry–and, of course, the written revelation of God?’’

Quotes from this book:

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