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Covenantal and Dispensational Theologies...

This is another “Views” books which gives the reader four different views on a subject.  This is also the second of such books I have reviewed this year. This volume covers the same topics as last month’s book but by different well-known authors. Covenant Theology, by Michael S. Horton, the J. Gresham Machen Professor of […]

Perspectives on Israel and the Church

This is one of many “Views” books which give the reader four different views on a subject.  This volume (2015) concerns the views on covenant theology and dispensational theology with a newer variation of each. The Traditional Covenantal View, by Robert L. Reymond, professor of Theology emeritus at Knox Theological Seminary. Covenant Theology has been […]

Dominion Theology: Blessing or Curse?

The subject of Dominion Theology, Theonomy, Reconstructionism is still very popular. This (1988) book is a textbook treatment and critique of the movement made popular in the late 20th century by R. J. Rushdoony, Gary North, Greg Bahnsen, David Chilton, and others. Though it appears old, it is amazingly up-to-date in its definitions, history, and […]


I finally got around to reading this 2004 book on heaven by Randy Alcorn. I have an invested interest in heaven (and more so as the years go by) and I am interested in good material that gives me good information. I find Alcorn’s work both good and frustrating. It is good in the basic […]

Christian Theology in Plain Language

I have always enjoyed reading Bruce Shelley.  He was the long-time professor of church history at Denver Seminary and we lived in Denver near the seminary for a long time.  This book (1985) is written more for the layman than for the theologian or even the pastor.  Whereas I enjoyed his sequel, Church History in […]


Reclaiming the New that Jesus Unleashed from the world. Zondervan, 2018 By writing this book, Andy Stanley has taken a big step into questionable Bibliology.  He has written with a positive motive:  wanting to win our current generation to Christ, a generation that has either left the faith or will not come to the faith […]

The First Fundamental: GOD

I’ve always enjoyed Robert Lightner’s books.  I bought this 1973 edition in the FaithBaptist Bible College bookstore on the markdown shelf.  The bonus is that this book is personally signed by Lightner and adressed to George Houghton, and also has Dr. George’s signature in it.  I tried not to mark it up too much.  How […]

Things Which Become Sound Doctrine

In my year of concentrating on reading more theology, some of these shorter books (See Ryrie, A Survey of Bible Doctrine in the January issue) serve as great refreshers and reminders of important doctrines.  This is a 1965 edition from Pentecost, long-time professor of Bible Exposition at Dallas Theological Seminary.  Pentecost is well known for […]

A Survey of Bible Doctrine

Charles Ryrie (1925-2016) was long-time professor of Systematic Theology at Dallas Theological Seminary and Dean of Doctoral Studies.  He was an ardent dispensationalist, pretribulationalist, and premillennialist.  His book, Dispensationalism Today (now reprinted as Dispensationalism, of which I treasure an autographed copy from him in person) has been a standard text book for conservative schools for […]

E.Y. Mullins: The Axioms of Religion

Edgar Young Mullins (1860-1928), was an influential Baptist educator , author, and preacher. He became the fourth president of Southern Theological Seminary from 1899 to 1928. He also served as president of the Southern Baptist Convention from 1921 to 1924. In the introduction Mohler writes of him, “As the Southern Baptist Convention entered the twentieth […]