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Nine Marks of a Healthy Church

The “9 Marks” series by Mark Dever and his associates has been in print since 1997.  This original book was reprinted in 2000 and again in 2004.  I had not read Dever himself until now though I’ve read other 9-Marks books.  Dever has become a prominent conservative evangelical, a well-known SBC pastor, and a Reformed […]

Breaking Down the Walls…And the Gospel

The subversive work of “Evangelical Inclusivism” Raymond Teachout is the son of Richard Teachout, Robert’s brother.  They are children of Dick and Oril Teachout, long-time missionaries in Africa.  Raymond wrote this book in 1999 and I am sorry that I hadn’t known of it sooner.  There is still a lot of literature explaining the ecumenical […]

Wine-The Biblical Imperative

I was loaned this copy of Robert Teachout’s book.  It is difficult to find and usually expensive.  This is the (1983) book version of his Th.D thesis at Dallas Seminary, “The Use of ‘Wine’ in the Old Testament.”  He was among the more recent conservatives to challenge the “moderation” view of wine in the Bible.  […]

Grape Juice in the Bible: True or False...

It has been my privilege to read this engaging pre-publication manuscript of the upcoming book.  I met Brother Teachout by email after quoting his brother Robert’s dissertation on Bible Wines.  Brother Teachout gives a moving personal testimony of how he came to the conviction that much of the “wine” in the Bible refers to grape […]

Shaken Not Stirred

This 2005 book is written by a pastor and father of two children.  This is written from a pastor’s heart who cares deeply about the growing problem of alcoholism in our country.  I would recommend this book for the layman’s first read.  It is well researched and places the historic information in language easier to […]

Bible Wines

This older book was originally written in 1871 in support of the Temperance movement.  Patton is almost always quoted by later writers because of his valuable collection of ancient authorities on wine.  I found his discussion of how fresh juice was preserved, and how the word is used consistently in Scripture very helpful.  He is […]

Wine in the Bible

Samuele Bacchiocchi is a Seventh Day Adventist who defends his Adventist point of view in many books.  However, on this “neutral” subject I found him very helpful.  In fact, he borrows heavily from  Robert Teachout.*  Teachout also endorsed the book before Bacchiocchi added a chapter commending Ellen White.  His historic information on wine is excellent, […]

Church Planting is for Wimps

This is one in a series called 9Marks books associated with Mark Dever and others.  Though I am interested in church planting, this is not my kind of book.  McKinley writes from a personal, casual style as if you were reading a blog or, worse, a twitter.  The progression of the book is his story […]

From Sabbath to Lord’s Day

The subtitle is:  “A biblical, historical, and theological investigation.”  This book was published by Wipf and Stock Publishers, Eugene, OR in 1999 but was originally published by Zondervan.  It contains 12 chapters by 7 authors substantiating Sunday as the proper day for believers to worship.   It answers the most recent writers who advocate either a […]

It’s Not About The Music

This is Dan Lucarini’s third book.  His first book, Why I Left The Contemporary Christian Music Movement, had an immediate impact on today’s worship wars.  His second book which he co-authored with John Blanchard, Can We Rock The Gospel, was an even better detailed analysis of CCM and its effects on the church.  This book […]