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How Sweet The Sound

The absorbing story of John Newton & William Cowper I love these biographies, both because I love to read of men and ministries, and because I have been to their houses and churches in Olney and London, England myself. Having been there, I walked with the author of this book through the little town of […]

Sankey’s Story of The Gospel Hymns and

Thanks to my daughter Rebekah for finding this book. It was reprinted by Forgotten Books in 2012 though it was copyrighted by The Sunday School Times Company in 1906. I have always loved the history of Moody and Sankey and their blessed ministry both in this country and the United Kingdom. On our travels to […]

C.S. Lewis: A Life Inspired

I have read a lot of C.S. Lewis in my lifetime, so I was interested when Kindle offered this book free by Wyatt North Publishing. I was not disappointed. This is a new attempt at giving the spiritual journey of Lewis beginning with his separated childhood, secluded in a country house with nothing but books, […]

The Lord Is Not Through With Me Yet (The...

John Rawlings was my pastor.  I was saved (1961), baptized, and called to preach under his ministry at Lockland Baptist Church/Landmark Baptist Temple in Cincinnati.  I grew up in the church (with my siblings Don, Debra, and Joe) and fondly remember not only Mrs. Rawlings, Herb, Harold, Carrol, and George, but many of the people […]

Apparent Danger

The subtitle of the book is “The Pastor of America’s First Megachurch and the Texas Murder Trial of the Decade in the 1920s.”  This is a research project by David Stokes about J. Frank Norris and his acquittal for the killing of D.E. Chipps on the grounds of self-defense.  Although the book was an interesting […]

Forgotten Lay Leaders

I was given this book by Dr. Brown who was the president of Denver Baptist Theological Seminary when I was a student.  It is a quick read about forgotten heroes of the faith, forgotten because they were never well known.  I especially enjoyed the stories of American wilderness history and those related to English history:  […]

Spurgeon’s Autobiography, Vol IV

Having finished the fourth and final volume of this classic autobiography of the great English preacher, I felt as though I had watched Spurgeon grow up, serve God greatly in his generation, and go on to his reward at the early age of 58.  This last volume (written mostly by family and associates) covers much […]

Matthew Henry: His Life and Influence

I read the book also because I was given a copy for Christmas.  Since I love to read biographies, and English history interests me, I read the book also, and I was not disappointed.  Matthew Henry was a Puritan Dissenter known for his piety and writing though he was a pastor of two small churches […]

The Pilgrim Prince

Since I’ve been traveling to the UK to study Baptist Church history, I’ve been a student of John Bunyan.  A good friend gave me this copy of a “Novel” (an historical fiction) about the life of Bunyan. Barr wrote other such histories about figures in history and this one in 1963.  I found the historical […]

Spurgeon’s Autobiography, Vol III

I have been working my way through this large set.  It was originally done in London by Passmore and Alabaster in 1899.  It was compiled posthumously by Spurgeon’s wife and his private secretary, although Spurgeon personally wrote most of it during his lifetime.  Today you can buy it through Pilgrim Publications in Pasadena, TX.  It […]